The METAMEDICA platform is aimed at facilitating interdisciplinary academic research and integrated education in health law, health privacy law and medical ethics. METAMEDICA aims to support patients, clinicians, policy makers, legal scholars, ethicists, lawyers and other stakeholders confronted with  medical innovation and role changes in healthcare, with the proliferation of health related data and with new models to process and protect these data.

The three steering members represent three faculties at Ghent University. Tom Goffin, assistant professor in Health Law, represents the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Mahsa Shabani, assistant professor in Health Privacy Law represents the Faculty of Law and Criminology and Heidi Mertes, associate professor in Medical Ethics represents the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy.

They were recently joined by several PhD students and a postdoctoral researcher. You can meet them here.


On February 6th 2020 the METAMEDICA platform was officially launched. You can find pictures of our opening symposium here.


Rector Rik Van de Walle

Vlnr. prof. Piet Hoebeke, prof. Heidi Mertes, prof. Mahsa Shabani en prof. Tom Goffin











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